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9mm/115gr CMJ - 4,000ct CASE. $362.00. Out of stock. Quick view.38/125gr - FMJ - 1,000ct. $138.00. Out of stock. Quick view. 9mm/124gr CMJ -3,750ct CASE ...

I like 3.5gr of unique under that 147gr bullet. Very soft shooting and cases practically fall at your feet. 4.5 to 5gr of unique under your 124. Unique is not the old dirty powder others claim it is. It meters well, is inexpensive, large grain powder, so hard to double charge..heck 5 grains all but fills the case.
Dec 11, 2005 · In an effort to improve the accuracy of my S.A. Loaded fitted with a Nowlin match 9mm barrel, I assembled 115gr. and 147gr. JHP bullets from Win., Rem., Hornady, and Sierra. Using midrange loads of V.V. N320 and N340, I fired four five shot groups of each from a machine rest through a chronograph to paper at 25 yds.
Gold Dot ammunition is loaded with unique bonded core bullets; a process that eliminates core-jacket separation while providing superior weight retention. Each Speer Gold Dot 9mm 147 gr. JHP round is produced in the USA, utilizing a 147 grain 9mm Luger bonded core Jacketed Hollow Point bullet...
64.99 USD. These popular and effective loads trusted by law enforcement officers are now available for your specific personal-defense needs. Technical Information Caliber: 9mm Luger Bullet Type: HST Hollow Point Bullet Weight: 147 gr Muzzle Velocity: 1000 Muzzle Energy: 326 Rounds per box: 50.
The 9mm Luger is a world standard, chambered by virtually all makers of semiautomatic pistols, with a myriad of factory loads. The most standard is probably a 115-grain load at 1160 fps, with common bullet weights ranging from 95 to 147 grains, and +P loads at higher velocity. — Craig Boddington
9mm 147gr RN - Ultimate Reloader – Reloading Explained May 13, 2020 Gavin Budget Reloading and Shooting, Reloading Blog 9mm +P, 9mm 147gr RN, Bear Creek Arsenal Glock Barrel, Berry's 9mm 147 grain Round Nose, Berry's Plated Bullets, Canik TP9SFX, Glock Replacement Barrel, Glock Threaded Barrel, Hodgdon CFE Pistol, Lee ...
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  • Product detailsHP .357, 147 gr HS. Calibre. 9 mm. Diameter. .357. Weight. All dimensions in mm. Load Data. Propellant. Length of cartridge. Case. Primer. 9 mm Luger. Rottweil 3.8 gr P 804.
  • If you searching to test Premium Personal Defense Ammo 9mm Luger 147gr Hst And Reloading 9mm Vs Buying New Ammo price.
  • Hodgdon's load data only shows one 147gn load with TG using the XTP Hornady's data shows a few loads at 1000 fps, and Speer also shows a Unique.4.5gr.1039fps Power Pistol....5.0gr.1043fps N340 9mm HP bullets a few days ago. I used ground walnut media.
  • SKU: 9mm 147 RMR FMJ RN Categories: 9mm (.355"), Bullets for Reloading, Pistol Bullets, RMR In-House. OK…took the RMR 147 GR RN. Also used a competitor's 147 Cu plated RN. I then loaded several test rounds and kept backing OUT the bullet seating plug.
  • Does anyone have any load data for Missouri Bullet Company 147gr .356 FN brinell 18 coated lead bullets using bullseye. Got a deal on both today. I have other powder and have read that bullseye is a faster powder than needed in 9mm,but would like to use it if possible. thanks

May 07, 2013 · I loaded 9mm 147 gr LFP bullets over: 3.0 grains . 3.2 grains . 3.4 grains. I don't own a chronograph (Yet). The 3.4 grains (according to data I obtained Thanks to Spiffy) should yield a PF of 133-134. When I have the chance to chrono I'll update this thread. The 3.4 gave the best grouping. All loads cycled my Lone Wolf barreled Glock 17 well ...

I've only been reloading for 4 years and didn't start 9mm until 3 years ago. I started with mainly plated bullets but over the past year or 2, I have been transitioning to Hi-Tek coated bullets. Previously I have tried Blue Dot and Unique and maybe TiteGroup. I have been told by some that Blue Dot is terrible to use for 9mm.
Berry’s 9mm 147gr Hybrid Hollow Point Bulk packaged, sold in 500ct increments, we can ship 500 for one low price or up to 2500 ship for just a flat rate. Berry’s 9mm 147gr Hybrid Hollow Point bullets by?Berry’s Manufacturing?Preferred Plated Bullets. ?We give you some of the best pricing you will find on the internet. ? Buy 9mm Ammo 147gr FMJ Speer Lawman (53620) online! 9mm Ammo 147gr FMJ Speer Lawman in stock. Cheap, low, bulk, and wholesale prices on 9mm Ammo 147gr FMJ Speer Lawman! May 27, 2018 · Reloading 9mm 147gr Acme Bullets with Titegroup powder. +4-1. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. Reloading .300 Blackout with Sierra Match Kings.

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I am looking for a loads for 9mm - 147gr FMJ using Bullseye Will be used in I'd be more inclined to use Unique, Universal Clays or slower powders. I have a load for a 147gr JFP using a maximum load of AA#7. Gives me 1000fps Since your books are too old, here is some data from a few recent books.