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Lot 266 of 615: Starr Model 1863 Army Cartridge Conversion Single Action Revolver. Click image to enlarge. Previous. Next. Similar Items.

The purchase meant that only Smith & Wesson could produce cartridge revolvers in the United States until White’s license expired in 1869. So the company sold its interests in what became the Winchester rifle, and in 1857 it began producing .22-caliber cartridge revolvers at its factory in Springfield, Mass.
Unlike less expensive imports, these screws are the same thread count as the originals and will fit the original Starr Revolvers. ALL OF THE ABOVE PARTS ARE MACHINED REPRODUCTIONS. THEY ARE FINISHED PARTS WHICH HAVE BEEN HAND FITTED TO ORIGINAL GUNS.
Pietta Starr Revolver Parts. These parts will work for the following models made by Pietta: Starr Double and Single Action Models. These parts are not guaranteed to fit older Pietta models, other manufacturer's guns, or original firearms. Starr parts are made in limited quantities throughout the year.
Description. Collector's Lot of Two U.S. Inspected Starr Revolvers -A) Starr Model 1863 Army Single Action Metallic Cartridge Conversion Revolver Collector's Lot of Two U.S. Inspected Starr Revolvers -A) Starr Model 1863 Army Single Action Metallic Cartridge Conversion Revolver Manufactured from 1863 to 1865 and later converted to cartridge.
Thousands of Colt converted percussion revolvers found their way into the hands of sheriffs, outlaws, gunfighters, soldiers, cowboys, miners and ranchers throughout the Old West.. Eventually, a total of 9,000 Open Tops and 2,100 Richards-Mason conversions were produced.. Find an authorized Uberti dealer.
Dec 14, 2016 · The main point of interest is that this percussion revolver had a nine .44 shot cylinder that revolved around a centrally mounted .65 shotgun barrel… that’s a lot of firepower for a handgun of the period. Guns for the South. Although manufactured in Europe, Jean Alexander LeMat’s ingenious revolver was first patented in America in 1856.
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  • Nov 18, 2015 · Uberti builds an 1858 conversion in 45Colt - (the whole revolver - not a conversion kit). The revolver "looks" like a converted revolver - but because it was built from the ground up - intended for 45Colt - it will withstand the pressure from smokeless powder. I have one myself - and its a sweet shooter.
  • Switch From Percussion To Cartridge By Changing Cylinders. Six-round conversion cylinder converts steel frame, cap and ball revolvers to modern centerfire. Patterned after an original Remington design for a drop-in fit. Cylinder and back plate fit together without screws. To reload, just drop the cylinder, pull the plate off and dump the fired ...
  • Circa 1870s as converted to.45 Colt cartridge. This is a very interested conversion of a U.S. Civil War vintage percussion revolver. The conversion obviously took place in Belgium as numerous Leige proofmarks can be found on the revolver frame, barrel and cylinder. Originally, Starr revolvers had.44 caliber 6 shot cylinders.
  • An 1860 - Date 10/12/2020 Revolver Bacon pocket gravé d'usine à canon de 5 pouces en cal … # 105 - € 825 - Disponible An 1861 - Date 27/09/2020 Colt Army 1860 conversion Thuer calibre 44 CF en coffret TOP DU TOP # 1067 - € 19500 - Disponible An 1869 - Date 02/09/2020 Revolver Bacon Navy, cal 38 RF # 151 - € 2450 - Disponible
  • A brief overview of my original Starr Double Action percussion revolver. It has been converted to .45 long Colt. A firing pin was added to the nose of the ha...

Originally, Starr revolvers had .44 caliber 6 shot cylinders. The conversion cylinder is 5 shot. The design of this conversion makes it unhandy and impractical to cartridge; the following must be accomplished to physically load the revolver: <BR>1. Remove machine knurled screw from frame that secures the barrel assembly to the frame. <BR>2.

The rifle was adopted as the Model 1858 carbine. Between 1861 and 1864, over 20,000 were produced by the Starr Arms Company of Yonkers, New York. The Model 1858 was designed to fire paper or linen cartridges. In 1865, the government ordered 3,000 Starr carbines chambered to use metal cartridge. BOOK - THE STARR REVOLVERS. $15: FRAME SCREWS $15 ea. HAMMER SCREWS $15 ea. GRIP SCREWS $15 ea. BARREL HINGE SCREWS $15 ea. KNURLED BARREL LOCKING SCREWS $25 ea *Note: above screws are individually machined. Unlike less expensive imports, these screws are the same thread count as the originals and will fit the original Starr Revolvers. ...
Rare cased early cartridge revolver (#4160) $ 3,495.00. ... Civil War Coat Pistol Colt Colt 1860 Army Colt Conversion Colt Etched Panel Colt Lightning Colt New Line ... mhg936 a very fine second model lemat 2-barrel revolver $ 19,750.00; mr809 smith patented civil war carbine by poultney and trimble $ 3,100.00; r2287 remington new model army 44 caliber revolver $ 3,975.00; r2286 remington new model 1858 conversion revolver $ 3,875.00; mr1217 smith patent percussion civil war saddle ring carbine $ 3,475.00

1849 Colt Pocket Revolver, Wells Fargo, or Baby Dragoon Models. The conversion cylinder for the 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver is no longer available in .32 caliber due to potential safety issues with the current reproductions. An alternate .22 Conversion for these revolvers is currently in development and may be available in late 2020.

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Apr 16, 2019 · The Starr revolver was first manufactured in .36 caliber and incorporated a double-action-only trigger. A .44 caliber version was added later, and the company produced single actions as well. The main points in the original patent for the double action were the trigger and a trigger-guard-mounted sear.